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44. caliber love letter [entries|friends|calendar]
heather ♥ core

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short and sweet. [05 Sep 2008|02:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

this is just a quick update:

fall semester started last week.
and i am enthralled with twilight.

team edward. obviously.

ohh, and i got a bike for my birthday and i love it.
it's name is ciao bella. yes, i name my means of transportation.

that's all:)

kiss me

for the love of hockey [17 Sep 2007|10:04pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

teal & white game was FANTASTIC.

i'll write this as simply and blatently as i can:

hockey is the most incredible form of graceful agression.
though they may be missing teeth, the players are absolutely beautiful.
the game is the most intesne, action-packed 60 minutes one can spend.

long story short... i love hockey.

'07-'08 season starts in 17 days... you best believe im STOKED!

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anything but indifferent [15 Sep 2007|08:13pm]
its incredible and trippy watching seasons change. one month ago, the sun would barely be starting to go down right now. but its dark outside and theres thousands of cars with headlights shining like diamonds driving home, or where ever else they might be heading to right now.

and i just spent two hours of my life talking with my mom and psuedo hockey mom and discussing my dad and everything going on in my jumbled little head with a delta gamma alum who thinks the world of me.

life has a crazy way of creeping up on you. appreciation and hope sneak up behind you and take you over before you even have a chance to hide. i dont know exactly how im feeling right now... but for the first time in weeks its anything but indifferent.

and i am so thankful for that.
kiss me

deep breaths [13 Sep 2007|08:02pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

just a thought, but alcohol in excess is absolutely ridiculous. but for some reason, everyone thinks its so necessarry to get trashed. i think ive finally reached a level of absolute repulsion for binge drinking, those crazy thursday nights, and the dumb stories that people brag about at the brunch table friday mornings.

news flash: you look stupid drunk. not remembering the night doesn't mean it was good, it means you probably did something you'll regret in the coming days.

oh, and being drunk isnt an excuse for mistakes you make.

besides that, i just want a break. i want to get away from all the girls in my house and i want anchor splash to be over. soon enough.

deep breaths.

kiss me

hilarious [19 Jul 2007|09:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]

sometimes i remember why i love delta gamma.

other times, i remember why im so stoked to go alum in a year haha.

everyone takes themselves so seriously. really, just take a step back and laugh.
at yourself or at anything.
the world and life are very funny.

and having serious conversations about life, love, and all that jazz before going out and getting hammered, kind of ridiculous.
(im completely sober and have NO desire to go out drinking this evening.)

im so amused with everything right now.

everyone, just laugh.

kiss me

the shake [27 Jun 2007|12:08am]
[ mood | angry ]

i seriously need a vacation. like BY MYSELF.

sacramento made me want to kill someone.
auburn made me feel like i was going to be killed.
(oh, and the situation made me pretty damn angry.)
coming home and getting sick only made things worse.

and for once, okizu isnt exciting me.
i have never been this angry without true reason before.

oy fucking vey. im over it.

kiss me

this thought just wont leave my mind [29 May 2007|12:42pm]
i've been talking about being a big girl a lot lately. its weird how this feeling just hits at random times, reminding me that im growing up, even though im still pretty damn young in the scheme of things.

when i first joined delta gamma i remember i looked up to the older girls so much. and now that i am one of the older girls, i just feel like i have to watch over the younger girls. they have so much ahead of them and im so excited for everything that will come over the next year. and then i go alum. wow. time flies.
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[27 May 2007|02:54pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

im 13 classes away from entering the big girl world. and two of those 13 classes are P.E. electives. who thought i could get my act together and finish in 4.5 years?! wow.

and who thought being my own roomie for a week and a half would make me so nostalgic? crazy.
i've honestly just had way too much time on my hands. even though ive been working a lot. and intend to work a whole lot more over the next few weeks.

growing up, and actually realizing it, is frightening but the most exciting experience ever.

and i love it.

kiss me

big girls dont cry [18 May 2007|04:53pm]
[ mood | content ]

sometimes the world just keeps spinning, long after you've sat down to catch your breath.

i've realized that i have to be a "big girl" now, and its actually not as scary as i thought it would be.

things are changing. thats just the way it has to be...

kiss me

love hurts sometimes if you do it right [08 May 2007|08:54pm]
[ mood | curious ]


kiss me

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