heather ♥ core (heatherxcore) wrote,
heather ♥ core

anything but indifferent

its incredible and trippy watching seasons change. one month ago, the sun would barely be starting to go down right now. but its dark outside and theres thousands of cars with headlights shining like diamonds driving home, or where ever else they might be heading to right now.

and i just spent two hours of my life talking with my mom and psuedo hockey mom and discussing my dad and everything going on in my jumbled little head with a delta gamma alum who thinks the world of me.

life has a crazy way of creeping up on you. appreciation and hope sneak up behind you and take you over before you even have a chance to hide. i dont know exactly how im feeling right now... but for the first time in weeks its anything but indifferent.

and i am so thankful for that.
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